Posted by: mommyq | April 14, 2008

Mostly BACK!

Well, the move this weekend went pretty well!!  The only MAJOR glitch was Rogers and their processing of our move.  I met the Rogers tech at the house on Saturday so that he could hook everything up but, since the everything was either still packed our en route, I wasn’t able to test it while the tech was here.  So, come Saturday evening, I found out our phones were not working (no dial tone) so, I called to register a ticket and was told it was a “network” issue and that it would be up in 24 hours.  Well, 24 hours came and went and, we still had nothing.  Then, this morning, I got the computer all hooked up and, when I turned it on, I received an error message when it went to register the modem so, I called and was told that due to the PHONE issue, the network was not allowing the system to register the modem.  Well, about 2 hours ago, the phones and internet finally started running again.  ALRIGHT, one would say right?  Yeah, not so much since when I went to log into my e-mail account, I received yet another error message that my account had been disabled.  I called and lo and behold, they left the accounts attached to the old account so, when it was cancelled, all of our e-mail accounts were disabled.  I have been assured that we won’t lose anything (I won’t hold my breath) and that the situation should be resolved within 24-48 hours (where did I hear THAT before?).  LOL

So, we are here and settling in.  We still have loads of unpacking to do but, the upstairs is starting to look like a home since we have moved all of the “can wait” boxes to the storage room in the basement.  Pat is goint to be shocked at how much I did today while he was at work but, I have had baby naps and Treehouse on my side! LOL  I will be sending out a mass e-mail to friends/family with all of our new contact information once my e-mail is up and running but, if you need to contact us in the interim, our cell phones haven’t changed and, we can access our Facebook Inbox so, message us there!



  1. Congrats on a smooth move Suzie! It must feel good to get into your new place even if there is so much unpacking to be done. How is Sydney liking it?

  2. THanks Lor. It feels GREAT but, the unpacking is hell with a toddler and a newborn! LOL I swear all day today I have been repeating, “Sydney, please don’t play with that” OVER AND OVER.

    Sydney is LOVING it. I am sure she will love it even more once we walk over to the park but, I am just so gung ho on getting settled taht the park can wait till next week! 🙂

  3. Grrrr. gotta love Rogers!! 😦

    So glad you guys are getting settled in…we still have “can wait” boxes, and we’ve been here for 6 years! LOL

    Can’t wait to come visit next time we’re in town!

  4. For sure!! If you guys can make it this summer, we can have you over for a BBQ since we picked one up last weekend! LOL

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