Posted by: mommyq | April 29, 2008

I’ll try and update as much as I can in such a short time…

What a freaking DAY!  Noah has not slept longer than 15-20 minutes since about 3am last night making me feel like I am about to have a nervous breakdown! LOL  I cannot wait for this day to be over and, hope that Patrick isn’t working tomorrow so that I can have a BREAK.  I need at least 5 hours of straight sleep to feel normal again but, would love 8-10!!!!

So, as I said, I will try to update as much as I can in very little time because I NEED to go and eat something and nuke my coffe for teh upteenth time:

1.  Noah had a 6 week midwife visit last week and, weighed in at an impressive 9lbs, 8 oz making him up 3 lbs from birth.  He is averaging 2lbs per month (1 lb per 2 weeks) so, I am guessing he will be about 10lbs 8oz by his 2 month appointment which is booked for May 7th when he will get his first SHOTS (eeek..I HATE that part).  Noah is such a sappy little crier that it breaks my heart to hear/see him cry.  He has this little pout face that he makes and OMG, Sydney was sad when she cried but, this is just SOOOOOO sad.  He also has this cat meow cry that is just tooo sad and pathetic.  His mouth goes into an OOOO and he looks at me with these sad eyes!!

2.  At 6 weeks, we took Noah to church for his dedication ceremony.  It is basically just a quick 2 minute thing they do after church service.  We had a bit of a funny moment at church…I had Sydney in a little summer dress with bloomers on underneath and, my kid, with her lack of bum and waist to hold anything up, lost her bloomers while walking down the aisle towards the alter!  HA  So, she had them around her ankles and was attempting to keep going.  Thankfully Olivia was there to save teh day and, helped her out!

3.  We are still organizing.  I have Noah’s room almost completely put away (it was the last room upstairs) and, Pat got the basement mostly done on the weekend.  I am on the hunt for kitchen/dining chairs that don’t cost a fortune since we currently have a table but no chairs.  I cannot get over HOW expensive just chairs are…it would actually be cheaper for us to just buy a whole new set!

4.  We bought a BBQ and set up the patio in the backyard so, we are allll set for the summer!  Bring on the great weather!!!

5.  Sydney is STILL loving the park…we haven’t been for a few days since it has been cooler but, the last time we went, she CRACKED me up.  I was getting the mail (the box is right by the park) and, she started running towards the playground and yelling, “OH HI BOYS!”  (there were kids playing)  I honestly about peeed myself because she said it in this sing song flirty way.  When I told Pat the story later that day, he was NOT amused! LOL

OK…pictures and then I am out….cross your fingers for me Noah has been down now for 35 minutes with NOOOO peep!!! YAY!

Sydney at the park

More Park

Sydney at the park

Duck Butt

Duck butt…and, I will have to add more later cuz GUESS WHAT???? NOAH WOKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK…back to add some more pictures!  GOD I am tired.

Extreme Closeup

Extreme Closeup!

Silly Sydney

More Silly Sydney!

Sydney being SILLY!

I have more but, they are still in the camera! LOL



  1. Suzie- I feel your pain (times 7 months…) I would LOVE 5 hours of sleep and could sadly count on 1 hand how many nights that has happened for me. I hope your little man starts sleeping better for you soon.
    Sydney is looking so grown up. I can just picture her calling Hi to the boys. – So cute!

  2. Oh man Lor, I don’t know how you do it!!! I just pray that Noah takes after his big sis and is sleeping through the night (12 hours) by 4 months!

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