Posted by: mommyq | May 15, 2008

2 Months!

The time is passing quickly yet again and, Noah is now 2 months old!  We had his check up yesterday and all is well.  He handled his shots like such a brave little boy..  I honestly think I cried more than he did! LOL  I psych myself up for teh first shots soooo much I think.  He DID scream (more for the 2nd shot over the 1st) but, he settled pretty much as soon as I picked him up.  But, his newest cry sounds like he is saying, “Maaa, maa, maaa, maa”  :::: sob :::  He was a bit cranky for the rest of the day but, he slept from about 6:30pm to 4am and then didn’t wake up this morning till about 8am.  It was a GOOOOOOD night.  His stats:

Weight:  10lbs 9oz – 11th percentile – Syd was 10lbs 2oz so, although they were born at about the same weight, he is gaining much faster than she did.

Height:  24 inches – 70th percentile – Syd was 22inches at 2 months

I will be back this afternoon to add some pics since it sounds like NOah just woke up from his nap! 🙂

OK, back! 🙂

My doctor did give us a sample of Enfamil Nutramagin to see if that helps with his fussiness.  We have already switched him from Goodstart to Enfamil Gentlese and, it has helped but, I think I may just give the hypoalergenic stuff a shot since he does have very sensitive rashy skin as well so, it could help with that.  On another exciting note, we are also breastfeeding again!!!  We had stopped for the last 3 weeks since Noah wanted NOTHING to do with it but, then, all of a sudden out of the blue a couple of days ago, he was showing interest again so, I tried and, he is LOVING it.  And, in other exciting news, we had a good long night sleep last night that went from 6:30pm to 4am and then went down till 8am!!  I feel like a new woman!

On to the random pics:

Showing his smile.

We used the timer to take this one so, it is a little OFF! LOL



  1. Oh Suzie he is getting sooo big. 2 months already?? How did that happen? I’m sooo jealous of the sleep you are getting. I tried Enfamil this week with Troy but he wants nothing to do with it. I originally tried Good Start as well. So far all he wants is breast milk though.
    Congrats on getting him back on the Breast. What an exciting month your little man has had.

  2. Wow – he’s getting to be such a big boy – I can’t believe it’s been 2 months already!!! Time flies 🙂

  3. Yes, he is growing WAY too fast. I am seriuosly having doubts about this being our last one but, Pat is holding his ground (because of all teh complications the last time).

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