Posted by: mommyq | June 15, 2008


The pictures are in from the kids shoot on Wednesday and, they turned out SOOOOOO great:

First we have Noah who, was in this position holding his head up FOREVER!  The photographer was amazed that he was only 3 months old!

and we have the official shot with the two kids:

but, this pose was just toooo cute so, we had to pay a bit more and get an additional sheet/pose:

And finally, we have the daddy/baby pose.  We tried to re-create the picture from when Sydney was an infant so we could have one for each of them:


For those that don’t remember the original…here are the ones from Syd’s first photo shoot:

All in all, I was happy with how the pictures turned out however, in future, we will be going back to our Ajax Superstore.  We figured we would try the one by our house since it was nice and close but, although they take good pictures, their developing isn’t as good (as you can see from the SYd pictures which were Ajax and the recent pictures which were not).  Oh well, live and learn!

I really cannot wait to get a nice picture of me with the kids but, I think I will wait till our November shoot when Noah can sit up on his own as it gives us many more pose options!



  1. Gorgeous Suzie!! I forgot how dark Sydneys hair started out. I thought Noah looked a lot like Sydney but now that I see her baby pictures they seem very different.
    Both totally adorable though!

  2. Oh they are gorgeous!! And Noah is the image of you Suzie!! It’s incredible how much like you he is! All the photos are beautiful!!!

  3. Thanks!! It is funny because people are split down the fence. 1/2 think he looks JUST like Sydney/Patrick and 1/2 think he looks just like me! Funny eh? I guess Patrick and I were just meant to have babies together! LOL

  4. They are gorgeous Suzie!!!!

  5. Thanks Nicole!

  6. Oh Sue, they are fantastic!!!!

    I love the one with the kids laying on their belly.

    I agree…I think Noah looks like you. 😉

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