Posted by: mommyq | June 19, 2008


I am shocked and amazed but, Noah is rolling already!  He started yesterday and, at first, I thought it was just because we were on our bed and, there is NOOO way he could do it on the floor but, lo and behold, today, he went from belly to back!  Yesterday, on the bed, he went from back to belly and, let me tell you, every time he was SOOOOOOOOOOO proud of himself.  He had the same face he gets in teh tub when he kicks and splashes himself with water! LOL  Like, “did I just do that?”.  He also started batting at things this week and, he loves the fact that he can “make shit happen” HA.

Sydney is also doing really well.  She still LOVES her brother to bits…almost TOO much so as I am constantly having to tell her to give him some SPACE!  Poor kiddo gets smothered on an hourly basis.  Syd starts her ballet classes next week and is really looking forward to it.  She is blossoming into quite a little girl and, I am just amazed at how much she knows and absorbs.  Often times, you can think oh..they are too young to understand that or whatnot but, I am constantly shocked at her deductions.  For example, the other day, we got her this little pug stuffed animal.  It was a Ty beanie baby.  Well, she has another pug stuffed animal that is bigger than the beanie baby as it is a Webkins.  Well, she was playing with both of them and, she held up the big one and said, “look, this is the mommy and this (holding up the beanie) is the baby”.  She has also been helping me in teh kitchen more and more and she loves it.  Just yesterday she made rice.  I measured out the rice in one cup and the broth in another and, she poured them into the dish and stirred it.  Any time I am making something, she pulls a chair up to the counter and climbs up to help….often making a mess but, oh well! 🙂

Tomorrow we have a Dr. appointment.  Noah is having his 3 month well baby and Sydney is having her 3 year well baby!  WOW.  Cannot wait to see how they are growing.  It is funny because I think I have the only child that LIKES going to the doctor.  Today while we were giving Noah a bath, I told her that her and Noah had doctors appointments tomorrow and she said, “YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE” (huh? LOL) and then bent over with her hand on her belly saying, “good, cuz my tummy hurts” HA  Comedian.

OK, so, I have some pictures to post because well, I have been BAD.  I had forgotten my camera at my mom’s house so, I was without it and then, it took me forever to transfer them, update them, sort through them and upload them to post!

Pat’s 35th birthday was May 30th so, I convinced him to switch his work week around and, work Wednesday and take the Friday off.  I made arrangements for him and a friend to go golfing that morning.  It was supposed to be a suprize.  I had booked everything behind his back and, was planning on driving him there blindfolded but, my MOTHER ruined the suprize.  I guess I forgot to tell her it was a suprize so, she called SUPER early in the morning to wish Pat a happy birthday and said, “so, what time are you golfing?” LMAO  Oh well, he had fun regardless.  While he was golfing, I hit Costco with my mom and then met him and his friend back here for a BBQ.  In the evening, we went over to visit Nana and Papa Q (otherwise known as Bill & Patty).  Pat’s dad unexpectedly had to work late so, he unfortunately missed out on the festivities.

Pat was working the next day, and, I had Noah in my bed after his 5:30 feed and, Syd crawled in just shortly after that and crashed out for some more snooze time…it was the cutest thing to see them both passed out on our big ole bed:

Syd LOVES to pose for the camera these days..and, dance.  It is funny because I always say, “dance for me tiny dancer” LOL  And she always gets up and obliges.

(yes, I am a domestic DIVA and always watch the Rachel Ray show! :P)

When Pat IS home, he and Sydney love to play hide and go seek.  They also like to get into mischief.  Like climbing under Noah’s crib and, getting STUCK and not able to get back out:

Sydney could have gotten out but, she chose to stand by her man! LOL

The following weekend we went to Pat’s mom’s house for a visit but, silly ole me forgot my camera and, she has been having computer troubles and, has been unable to send me copies of the ones we took with her camera.

The Sunday, we went to Vee and Tony’s house for a little get together to celebrate the girls B-days!  It was SOOO hot that day that the kids played in the back with water all day.  Bill, Cathy, Joey and Alex were there as well and we all had a great time.

Sydney and Alex taking a dip in their bowls!

Enjoying the sprinkler with Olivia.

She didn’t care how cold it was…she was ALLL over it!

Joey was a little anti-social that day but, I never know anti-social could be soooo cute:

Sydney showing off her dance moves with Mede!

Noah was a bit of a crouch pants that day…I think the heat was getting to him:

He was MUCh happier at Nana’s suprize 60th party the following weekend:

A great time was had by all and Patty was SUPRIZED! LOL

A few more random pics from the last week and, I am off to get some much needed SLEEP:


and finally, I leave you with a video of Noah showing how he “talks” and, Sydney in all her hilarious glory.  My favorite part is right at the end when she tells him to “taste it”. HA HA HA



  1. Sue, I am LMAO at the bowls!!! Too cute!

    Alex and Joey are getting so big!! OMG!

    The last picture of Syd and Noah is adorable.
    (I couldn’t get the dropshots page with the video to load…I’ll check back later)

    Oh, and WTG Noah on the rolling!! He’s on the move!

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