Posted by: mommyq | June 23, 2008


The kids had their well baby appointment on Friday and, it was great.  Both kids were due, Noah for 3 months and Sydney for 3 years.

Noah’s Stats:

Weight – 12 lbs, 9oz (20th percentile) (Sydney was only 11lbs, 6oz at this point!)

Length – 24.5 inches (52nd percentile)

Head Circumference (22nd percentile)

Sydney’s Stats:

Weight:  25lbs (5th percentile)

Height:  36.5 inches (66th percentile)

No shots were had by either child so, that was all good.  Sydney LOVES going to the doctor and, was actually chomping at the bit to get examined! LOL  She did Noah’s exam first and, Sydney started stripping as soon as she said she was almost done! HA 

I told our doctor about switching Noah over to the low iron formula and how he was doing REALLY well on it and, she was happy with that but, cautioned that I may want to look into switching him back to a regular formula in a few months since that is when his iron stores (that he received from me) will start to deplete.  So, I figure I will start in about a month so I can do a nice slow gradual wean back to a full iron formula.  I swear, this poor kids has had the taste of sooo many different formulas before we found the right one that I hate the thought of switching him again but, what can you do!  She was super happy with his progress.  His weight gain is great, she was pleased with the rolling over since typically that is a 4 month milestone and, she said he seems VERY alert and aware.  He did have a white dot on the head of his penis that I asked her about and she said it was just SMEGMA (gotta love that word) and that it would make its way out on its own.  She also laughed at me because I asked her, “so, other than that, his penis looks normal?” LOL  Hey, I had a girl before this and, being responsible for a penis is never something I have had to do! HA HA

She was also very happy with Sydney’s progress.  I had mentioned that she will mix up her words occasionally and gave the example that she says, “Mommy, Noah is smiling to me” instead of at me and, she laughed and said that at 3, the fact that she gets a sentence like that OUT is advanced and that the mix up of the words is typical toddlerese and that I should just casually correct it when she says it.

I have more stuff to blog about but, I am off to go and get some cleaning done before Noah wakes up from his nap!



  1. Suzie- sounds like Noah is growing like a little weed. I found both my boys were bigger then Vanessa as they hit each monthly appt. too.
    Vanessa gets “myself” and “yourself’ mixed up all the time. She’ll say “I’m going to do it by yourself” or “You do it by myself”. It’s so cute. They try so hard eh?
    Great update!

  2. They do try. My problem is correcting…I find it soo cute I often repeat it the WRONG way! HA

  3. Way to grow Syd and Noah!

    I love the toddler mix-ups! Talia didn’t really do much of that, and I can barely remember what the boys said…it goes too fast!! WAAAAaaaaa!!! 😉

    Write some of those down (or better yet…tape them!), before you know it, she will be saying everything the proper way.

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