Posted by: mommyq | July 15, 2008

Neglect is a bad thing!

I have been a bad blogger lately!  It has just been so easy to upload pics to Facebook so, I have been slacking on my postings! LOL

Things are crazy but great on our end.  Mr. Noah slept through for the first time last night so, we are looking for a repeat performance tonight.  It was however, an eventful evening that went something like this:

Me:  Wake up at 4:30am, roll over and nudge Pat.  “Hey, the baby hasn’t woken up yet.  Should I go check on him?

Pat:  “Don’t do it.  You will just wake him up and end up kicking yourself.

Me:  “OK”.  I roll over but, am not able to get back into a deep sleep.

Me:  5am after Pat’s alarm goes off.  “Should I check on him?”

Pat:  “You might as well since it will OBVIOUSLY drive you crazy if you don’t”

Me:   “No, you’re right, I will just wake him up and kick myself.”

Me rolls over and tries to go back to sleep and, just as I am finally drifting off,

Syd:  ::::::::: cry :::::::::  :::::::::: cry :::::::::::: “Mommy!” (side note..this NEVER happens as Syd generally never wakes up in teh middle of the night)

Me:  Go into her room and, crawl into bed with her to cuddle.  She falls asleep and, I get up to leave,

Syd  “Mommy, don’t go” So, I crawl back into bed with her until she falls asleep again.

Me:  Go back into my room and crawl into bed and, as soon as I cover myself with a blanket I hear,

Noah:  :::::: cough :::::: :::::::::: cough ::::::::  :::::::: wah :::::::

Me:  Gets up and see Syd peeking into our room from the hallway.  Put her into our bed and, go to see if I can get Noah down for another hour (it is now 5:30ish).  Get him down, crawl back into bed with Syd and hear,

Noah:  :::::: cough :::::: :::::::::: cough ::::::::  :::::::: wah :::::::

Me:  Get up, take Noah out to the living room so Syd can get some sleep and put him in the swing to go make some coffee (I NEED IT BAD).  Get coffee made, get Noah into Jumparoo so I can drink my coffee (since he was starting to tire of the swing and, I turn around and see Syd coming out into the living room with her blanket in tow.

Syd:  “Hi Noah, you awake?”  “Look mommy, Noah’s awake!”  (GREAT!)

Me:  Gulp down my coffee and go to prepare the 6:30am bottle for Noah.

6 freaking 30 and, I am ALREADY exhausted for the day! LMAO  But, still MUCH better than having to get up at 3:30 to give Noah a bottle so, I am SOOOOO not complaining.

I LOVE being a mommy! LOL  What makes me laugh is when my mom calls me at say 9:30 and is JUST waking up and all I can think is MAN, you lazy bum, I have been up for 4 and a half HOURS already! HA  But, I am STILL a glutton for punishment and, it is now 10:30 and, I am sitting down in the office checking my e-mail, on Facebook and updating my journal! 😛

Well, I am off to bed…hoping 5am turns into 6:30am this time so I can get some more much needed sleep!

p.s.  No pictures tonight.  If you want pictures, sign up for Facebook already and check out my multitude of photo albums.



  1. WTG Noah for sleeping so long for you!! I’m still up twice with Troy (12am and 4am) but only feeding him at 12am now so I’m really starting to see the light.
    Isn’t that always the way- Syd would wake up on a night that Noah is sleeping for you? Happens all the time here. I can’t even imagine rolling out of bed at 9am. In another 30 years I guess…

  2. Thanks. It WAS short lived but, he is getting more consistant as now, it is 3:30ish that he wakes up, sucks back 4oz and goes right back to sleep. It takes about 15-20 minutes in total and then he sleeps till 7am so, I am starting to feel a bit more human. I mean, I really shouldn’t complain since he is only 4 months but, Syd was sleeping 12 hours at just under 4 months. LOL

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