Posted by: mommyq | July 23, 2008

What a crazy time!

Gosh, things have been SOOOO busy here.  We have ballet on Tuesday, playdates every other Wednesday and, busy busy weekends but, I am sooo not complaining because it certainly beats sitting at home and, for some strange reason, my kids are always sooooo well behaved in public! LOL  Nobody believes me that Noah can and is cranky because when we are out, he barely ever cries or makes a sour face because he is just tooo busy flirting with the ladies! LOL

I have some new favorite pictures of the kids I have to share first and then I will get on with an update:

How cute are those faces?  I just want to eat them!  We got a new storage bench..well, it is actually a cube that opens up on both sides to store all the toys and, it came with 4 ottoman cubes as well that we use as our coffee table (I just put a tray on it when I want to use it for drinks etc.) and, Sydney and Noah love to hang out on it and play and chat with each other.

I think maybe he farted in this one? LOL

Or they take pretend naps on it.  Seriously, not to be a biased mom but, how GORGEOUS is my little girl?  You can barely see her face in this picture yet, I cannot get over how pretty she looks.  She has the eyes, the lashes, the face…I SERIOUSLY pitty my poor husband when she becomes a teenager.

We had Steve and Kavita’s wedding this weekend and, it was AMAZING.  WE all had a great time and, got to see our family and friends AND, as an added bonus, the kids were sooo well behaved.  Noah slept through the first few courses of dinner and, then got up to party and dance the night away! LOL  Sydney whooped it up as well and, crashed HARD in teh car on the way home.  We changed her into her jammies before strapping her in and, thankfully we did because she was out before we even got out of the parkinglot and, didn’t even flinch when we got home and put her in bed.  Noah barely woke as well when I lifted him out of the carseat at 12:30 but, I gave him a quick bottle since he hadn’t had much of his before bed one due to too much going on and, he slept in till 8:30am.  I got Syd the cutest dress and, she tried in on before hand and, I have to share some of the pose shots because they CRACKED me up:

They day of the wedding was pretty crazy… I had a hair appointment at 11:30 so, I made sure I had everything packed from the night before because when I got home, we got dressed and, made our way out.  Shannon had her shower on Saturday and, although I couldn’t stay, I wanted to pass by and drop of a gift and say hi.  It was a pool party shower and, OMG we didn’t want to leave.  We melted and, my poor nicely straightened hair suffered the ultimate price! LOL

The ceremony and reception were at the same venue and, everything was BEAUTIFUL!  Sydney had fun with her cousins waiting for the ceremony to start:

and Noah made faces at mommy AND daddy:

Syd being pretty as a picture.

and a crazy canibal!

She hung out with her boyfriend Matty!

and her cousins.

There was dancing:

and cuddling:

and obscenities because well, I TOOK TOO MANY PICTURES:

LOL  A good time was had by all!

Next update (which will have to be tomorrow since I am BEAT) is all about Noah and his foray into solid foods.



  1. Great update Suzie. Looks like the wedding was a great time and I have to agree with you…Syd is just beautiful!! Love the pics of the kids together!

  2. Hey Sue!

    Wasn’t that day HOT and freakishly humid!!!??? OMG, my hair was ruined from the short walk on the driveway to the truck. 😦

    It was so great to see you guys! *smooches*

  3. Yes, the wedding was SOOO much fun…and, I GUESS it was nice to see those Kuzmanovski people! LMAO

    The humidity that day was CRAZY. My hair looked sooo awesome when I left the salon but, it didn’t last very long!

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