Posted by: mommyq | August 1, 2008

5 Months!

NOah had his late 4 month early 5 month appointment today!  Our doctor was on vacation for 3 weeks so, we merged the appointments and, he got his 4 month shots today.  Sydney is the funniest monkey because she actually LIKES going to the doctor.  I asked her if she would take the shots for NOah and she was like, “OK, I am brave!” LMAO

Noah is growing like a WEED.  He is eating about 28-32 ounces of formula per day and about 1-2 tbs. of cereal two times a day as well.  He is STILL waking at 4am to have a bottle but, now that I am convinced he doesn’t need it, I have started sleep training.  Last night was the first night (since I knew we had to get up at 5am anyway) so, when he woke up at 4am (his usual time) I went in and gave him a soother and cuddled him abit.  He fussed for about 10 minutes but, then settled in with the soother and fell asleep.  He woke a bit when I put him down but, I popped the soother back in and, he was out.  He woke again at 5am so, this time I didn’t pick him up and just gave him the soother and, he went right back to sleep.  At this point, I just jumped in the shower and started getting ready for our day and, he didn’t stir again till just before we were leaving at 6am.  So, I popped him in his carseat and, didn’t give him a bottle till 6:30 (which is what I would like his wake time to be).  So, we shall see how it goes tonight but, he ate closer to the 32 ounce mark today so, he definately doesn’t NEED to eat during the night.

His stats today:

Weight:  14lbs 9oz – now, the doc said that was 50th percentile but, I am getting closer to 25th

Height:  25.5 inches – again, doc gave 75 and I am getting closer to 50

Head:  16.5 inches

The needles were rough.  She gave him the easier one first and the stingy one second and, he wailed for a bit but, I honestly think it was harder on me than him! LOL  Patrick made the mistake of picking Noah up first and, I almost tackled him to get our baby! HA  I told him next time to be careful about trying to snatch an injured baby cube away from a Mama Bear.

And finally, a few pics since my last update:

This is what we get when Syd dresses herself.  An oversized tee, a pj top as a “skirt” and, spiderman flip flops! LMAO

I snuck a shot from Syd’s ballet class.  She is the blob to the left of the teachers butt cheek.  Her recital is Tuesday so, I will have LOADS of pics and video!

I took this picture of Noah to cover for the flash in the above said snuck ballet shot! LOL

Playdate!  We all looked forward to a day in the pool at Baba Mila’s house but, we got rained out.  Oh well, we had a great time regardless.

Sydney the Diva at Costco this morning.  Those are my $250 winning sunglasses (aka I would never pay $250 for a pair of sunglasses but, I was lucky enough to win them from a draw at

Noah at the doctor wrapped up in his sister’s blankie.  He is VERY secure in his manhood! LOL

And last, but certainly not least, my daughter, at her finest.  I take solace in the fact that this will one day make a SUPER blackmail shot! <evil>



  1. Great update Suzie! LOVE the pic of Syd picking her nose. I feel like a broken record lately with “Vanessa get your finger out of your nose” or “…get your hands out of your pants”. lol! They can be such ladies eh?
    Sounds like Noah is growing quickly. What a big sweet boy!

  2. Oh man, meee tooo Lor! Sydney compensates by covering her eyes and picking her nose figuring if she can’t see me, I can’t see her! LOL We are thankfully not yet dealing with the hands in pants stage THANK GOD but, we are dealing with the Noah man getting a stiffy when I clean his peeps! LMAO Man, I tell ya!

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