Posted by: mommyq | August 5, 2008

Ballet Anyone?

Sydney had her first ballet recital today and OMG it was the cutest funniest thing EVER!

Syd had her mini recital today as her ballet session came to an end. It was sooo funny! They had a 15 minute class and then the parents/guests were invited in to watch them perform! LOL Sydney had some momentary stage fright and, once all the people piled in, she came over and planted herself on my lap and REFUSED to perform! LOL A little encouragement (and promises of chocolate milk) got her through the stage fright and, she joined her class. She even, mere moments later, offered a hand to another little girl that froze up (aka stayed kneeling on the floor during the performace!). It was crazy, hectic and completely all over the place but, tooo cute!

I’ll just link you to my Facebook Album with the pics,

and, the video I was able to get:

In other funny news, another video I managed to capture which shows how life in the Quinn house can go from GOOD to bad in mere SECONDS!  Sydney and Noah were playing and, he was laughing at her craziness.  Well, in the time it took me to get the camera to video them being cute together, it turned BAD and, what we see here is Noah all of a sudden deciding that sister Syd aint so funny anymore:



  1. Suzie I LOVE Syd’s recital. Too cute. I can’t wait to get Vanessa back into dancing in the fall.
    Our house goes from quiet to chaos in a matter of seconds too so I totally know what you mean.

  2. Thanks Lor! It was soo much fun! I cannot wait to get her into another class. She loves it and, so do I! 🙂

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