Posted by: mommyq | August 8, 2008

Dont’ want to jinx myself but…

Noah slept a FULL night last night!!  From 6pm to 6:30am.  I started sleep training with him just a little less than a week ago.  He was getting more than enough food during the day between his bottles and his cereal so, I just stopped offering the bottle when he would wake up at his usual 3:30am.  The first night took about 20 minutes to get him back to sleep and, he woke again at 5:30.  The second night was rough wherein he woke up every HOUR on the hour from midnight but, he also had a bit of a stuffy nose so, that may have contributed.  Then, the next few, he went till 5am and then 5:30am and then FINALLY this morning, 6:30 baby!!  Hopefully we will have a repeat tomorrow.

Sydney was just under 4 months old when she started sleeping through the night and, I thought Noah would be sooner since he has always had a few pounds on her but, he just seemed to eat more the more I fed him! LOL

I have a few more videos to share since I have been going video crazy lately:

Noah laughing at his sister:

Sydney giving Noah raspberries…Funny story on this one…just after the video was taken, SYd stopped giving him raspberries so, I said, “Sydney, fart on your brother.”  Well, didn’t she get up, turn around, stick her butt in his face and LET ONE RIP? LMAO  I nearly about literal.

And this one is Noah trying to crawl:

And, a few pictures:

The night of the recital, we let Syd stay up as late as she wanted.  Poor thing makde it till 9pm and passed out on teh couch! LOL



  1. That’s great – it’s always such a huge milestone for the parents when the baby starts sleeping through the night. I know a few that still don’t – after a year!!! YIKES!

    Loved the videos 🙂

    Noah’s getting really big and Sydney looks like she loves being a big sister.

  2. Suzie I hate you!! lol! I have gone exactly 12 months on Sunday with no more then 5 hours of sleep. I need a redo with this kid. Congrats to you though- how nice would an entire night of sleep be? I can not even imagine.
    The videos are too cute!

  3. THanks Pam…it is a fantastic feeling!!

    Awww, Lor, don’t hate me! 😉 If it helps any, I am a glutton for punishment and always stay up toooo late at night so, I don’t get much sleep either!!

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