Posted by: mommyq | September 9, 2008

All is quiet at Chez Quinn

Well, at least for the moment so, here I am, coffee in hand and, ready to blog!  There has been sooo much since my last update I don’t even know where to begin!

We went out of town (to Barrie) for Shannon’s wedding which was the big event in August for us.  We loaded up the car, with the two kids and my mom in toe and, left here Friday morning after some running around.  I was originally to pick my dress up from the seamstress the day before but, her sewing machine broke so, it wasn’t going to be ready till Friday.  When we arrived on Friday, it still wasn’t complete so, we had to wait around which got us on the road much later than we had hoped.  Thankfully, it wasn’t too bad and we made decent time to Barrie.  We had the rehearsal dinner Friday night so, Pat and I went and the kids stayed at the hotel with my mom.  All was wonderful except for a rogue shrimp that my husband ate (at least that is what we think it is).  After the dinner, I went to Shannon’s and Pat went with JP.  When I picked him up, he told me how he felt sick and had puked earlier.  Unfortunately, it didn’t end there and, he spent pretty much the rest of the night and into the early morning bowing down to the porcelain god. LOL  I left them all early to go and get my hair, etc. done and, when we got back to the hotel at noon, Pat was looking in pretty rough shape but, he took one for the team and, made it to both the ceremony and reception.  He was feeling MUCH better by Sunday morning and, was at least able to enjoy the feast that Shannon’s family put on for the gift opening.  However, the highlight of the weekend was our little Noah trying to be the star of the show at the wedding and, speaking up when the minister asked if anyone objected.  You see, he had seen the fair Shannon just that morning all dolled up and, I guess he decided that he HAD to have her! LOL  His sister was also equally smitten with somebody that weekend, he was Shannon’s 13 year old cousin Tyler.  She still blushes to this day when you mention his name! LOL

Here is a link to my Facebook Album since there are too many pics to post here:

The following weekend, I had my lovely friends come for a visit.  Inna looked absolutely stunning and is one of the cutest pregnant women I know!  Sandra was all bright, fresh and glowy from her recent vacation.  Laura and Sophie (or Snowfeet as Syd likes to call her) were also a welcome sight.  I cannot believe how much Sophie has grown since the last time we saw each other (when Noah was just a few weeks old).

And yes, my daughter is IN her underwear.  Her new favorite thing is to completely strip down so, I guess I should be thankful that she only took her pants off this time.

A few days after that, Noah started vegetables!


Any of the orange veggies have been a hit but, the green ones took a bit of getting used to.  The first few days, he gagged incessantly, the next few days he would take one bite and look at me like, “mom, seriously, do you KNOW what this tastes like?” but, eat it reluctantly and now, thankfully, he is gobbling it down with the best of them.  We just started fruit a few days ago and, that was a hit from the start.  He is eating 3x per day now being fruit for breakfast, a veggie for lunch and, veggie and cereal for dinner.  He is also doing really well with formula and, is at about 4 x 8oz bottles per day.  He doesn’t ALWAYS finish every last drop but, there is usually only a tiny bit left if anything.  I did try feeding him cereal 2x per day but, his formula consumption dropped so, I figured I would cut back on that and, it did the trick.

Noah is also now sitting up.

He is still quite a weeble wobble but, if he wants to, he can sit for quite some time.  He is growing up so quickly and, has been so different than Sydney (but similar in so many ways as well).

We have been enjoying the lack of rain and, spending most days at the park.  There were a few where we went early to avoid the heat but, it was still scorching.

Our playdates have moved to weekly now and, are such a nice break:

However, Pat just found out that his work days may be changing to Monday-Thursday so, I may have to drop out of the playdates soon.  Well, at least till we get a second vehicle.  On that front, I am not sure how I feel about it.  I mean, I would love to have a car here to go where I please but, on the flip side, we save SOOOO much by only having one car that, I am not sure if I want to let that go either.

WE also recently had Alex, Matthew and Maya over for a day of fun and, Noah was putting the moves on Maya.  I guess without his competition around (aka Caden) he would have no obstacles:

Well, I should end on that note since I hear Mr. Noah stirring and, I need to upload some more pics to continue! LOL



  1. Sounds like you’ve ended the summer off on a very busy note. Noah is growing so quickly and Sydney sounds so much like Vanessa- I have trouble getting her to keep her clothes on too. lol!
    They are so much fun though eh?

  2. Yeah, it has been a busy time! So, what is it with the clothing removal? Hopefully they grow out of it before they enter the teenage years! LOL

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