Posted by: mommyq | September 12, 2008

Another quiet moment!

Wow, I went from not blogging to blogging twice in one day! LOL  I have a bit of time while I do laundry since I promised myself a break from any other cleaning today!  I am obsessed these days…one would think that I was 30 weeks pregnant and nesting.  I took to the front stairs to get some old stains out yesterday with baking powder and warm water and, it worked so well I mixed together a concoction in a spray bottle and, tackled the entire carpet on the stairs! LOL  It is going to be my work in progress and I will do a few steps each day (since it requires A LOT of elbow grease) but, today is my rest day!

The long weekend was fairly uneventful since Patrick was teaching.  But, my mom had a get together on the Sunday so, he dropped us off in the morning and met up with us when he was done.  It was a fun day and, as always, my mom prepared WAY tooo much food so, we were sent home with LOADS of leftovers which my sister-in-law even lovingly packaged in recyclable shopping bags.  I was referring to it as Vicki & Paca’s food drive:

Vic, if you are reading this..I really like the bag so, I’m not sure if you will be getting it back!! *****grin****

Patrick was off the Monday so, we at least got to spend a nice family day together.  In the morning, we went and met Cathy at Vaughn Mills and, got some AMAZING deals at the 1.99 Children’s Place Sale.  I got a boat load of stuff for the kids for next summer and, spent under $50.  When we got home, the kids and I were playing in the living room when I heard Patrick come up from downstairs and announce he was going out to cut the lawn.  After a few minutes, I was walking past the window and happened to glance out and saw what he was wearing and nearly choked on my water! LMAO

He was nice enough to pose for me as well:

Now, explain to me, why it is that men are afraid of getting grass on them?  I know in speaking with other wives, their husband’s also go out dressed in ridiculous outfits to avoid getting any stray grass on them.  You would think it was liquid hot magma for crying out loud!

In other exciting news (please note I am rolling my eyes at this one) Sydney learned how to get herself into Noah’s crib!!  Yup, that is right.  After his naps, I will often just open the door to her room and let her go in and talk to him while I get some laundry put away or something.  Well, this one particular day, I went back to my room to put away some clothes and, after a few minutes I hear, “Hey mommy, I’m in Noah’s bed!”  And, lo and behold, when I walked into his room this is what I found:

We had Carrie and Shane’s wedding the following weekend and it was great.  My mom came here to watch the kids and, we got a night out to ourselves.  The wedding was at my mother-in-law’s house on the water and it was sooo beautiful.  I was worried for them when I woke up that morning to POURING rain but, it cleared up a few hours before the ceremony and by 4pm, it was gorgeous out.  It was also so nice and casual.  Patrick and I really enjoyed ourselves.  I have a bunch of pics so, I will point you to my Facebook photo album for the pics:

Other than that, the kids and I have been busy going to the park, hanging out at home, going for walks, etc. etc.  Noah had a bit of a cold the last few weeks and, is finally just getting over the snots so, I have been keeping him nice and warm when we go out:

The rest of the month is going to be more of the same since Patrick is teaching every weekend until October.  Our anniversary is coming up as well.  September 25th we will have been married FOUR years!  It is funny but, it feels like we have been married sooo much longer…and I TOTALLY don’t mean that in a bad way! LOL  Just because we have done sooo much in four short years.  I mean, we have a 3 year old, a 6 month old and are DONE having kids?  Crazy!!

Well, my blog is done and Noah is still sleeping so, maybe I will go and make a cup of tea and have a bit of a sit down!!!  I just got the new Baby Restoration Hardware Catalogue in the mail so, I can drool over that.



  1. We LOVE the Children’s Place at the Vaughn Mills Malls too. Patrick grass cutting outfit looks a lot like Iain’s lol!!
    I find Vanessa in the crib with Troy all the time too. Troy loves it and laughs so hard when she’s in there with him.
    Hope you had a nice tea!

  2. AMAZING! See, the more people I talk to, the more I realize that their husband’s are the exact same way. Who knew grown men could be afraid of grass.

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