Posted by: mommyq | September 12, 2008

It figures!!

Looks like Noah is back on track and, went last night straight from 6:30pm ato 6:45am!!  I heard him fuss a bit at about 10pm but, he settled right in and didn’t make another peep till morning.  However, instead of getting a GREAT night sleep like I should have, I was awoken at 4am to the sound of crying….Sydney.  It scared the crap out of me because she was crying like an injured was heartbreaking.  So, I got up, took a quick peek at the clock as I sprinted to her room.  I picked her up for a cuddle and, was asking her what was wrong.  It took a bit for her to respond and she finally said, “Daddddddddddddyyyyyyyy, hhhheeeee lllllllleeeftttttt meeeeee!”  OMG, my heart just broke for her she was sooo sad.

Since it was 4am, I assumed Pat was tucked safe in bed and, it was only a dream so, I assured her daddy was here and that everything was ok.  She had just had a bad dream.  After I got her back to sleep I went into my room and low and behold, NO DADDY! LOL  I called him and, he had left early for work as he had some things to do so, what I can guess is, in her sleep, she heard teh front door close maybe and it made her sad?  LOL



  1. Oh poor little Sydney. Ty used to have little nightmares all the time like that and it is heartbreaking. Good to hear that Noah is sleeping well though!

  2. Thanks Lor. How is Troy doing?? Hopefully he is keeping up and you are getting a well deserved full night sleep.

  3. Troy is actually sleeping through the night very regularly now- from 7:30pm to 7:30am. What a turn around her made. I’m still trying to get myself to stay asleep all night though- 13 months of being up is hard to turn around in a week.

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