Posted by: mommyq | September 30, 2008

Dragging my BUTT today!

Man I hate days like these!  Noah had a rough night last night which I believe is teething since he has a few ready to break through so, now mommy is having a rough day! LOL  I was in and out of bed all night last night and, because of it, dragging my butt this morning.  To make matters worse, the weather is dreary out so, it isn’t like we can escape to the park to break up the monotony.  Sydney is bored to tears but, I just don’t have it in me to play anything substantial with her.  I laugh at our conversation this morning, “mommy, come dance with me”  “not right now Sydney, mommy is OLD and tired”…”well, I’m not old mommy, come dance!” LOL  I keep trying to convince her that snuggles on the couch are a FUN game but, she is sooooo not falling for it!  It has been a rough month with Pat working 6 days a week for the last 4 weeks so, that is also taking it’s toll.  We have 2.5 more days of it and then he is off for a full 3 days STRAIGHT (yippeee) and, I told him to be prepared cuz he will be my B*tch! LOL  But, I cannot compain since Patrick REALLY understands that 6 days straight of his “work” is nowhere near as draining as 6 days straight of mine! 🙂  Last Friday he had 3 hours alone with the kids and, when I got back from the clinic (possible pink eye), he was a MESS!!!

We had our 4 year anniversary last week and, had a fantastic night out on Friday (thanks to Nanna an Pappa for babysitting).  Poor Pat had some issues with his meal at Baton Rouge but, they were very accomodating and, on top of not charging us for his dinner, free dessert and coffee, they gave us a $20 gift certificate for our next visit!!  Great customer service if you ask me!!

Well, looks like my update ends here since I hear Noah stirring…..



  1. Oh Suzie- I feel your pain. Fortunately that is not a usual occurence at your house. Love the “snuggles on the couch” game but my kids don’t find it much fun either. lol! Hope you are feeling better tomorrow!

  2. Yeah, I wish snuggles on the couch was a daily game at our house! LOL We are almost back to normal here and, finally getting to catch up on my sleep!!

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