Posted by: mommyq | January 16, 2009

It’s been a long time…

But, I really did make a New Year’s resolution to be a better blogger! 🙂

We had a busy but wonderful holiday and, loved visiting with friends and family.  However, poor little Noah has had two colds since the start of December.  He got sick just before Christmas and, finally got better only to catch another bug from his sister.  So, needless to say, there has been a LOT of snot in 2009! LOL

Noah is now 10 months old and, growing like a weed.  We just had a check up and his stats were as follows:

Weight:  8.5KG which is just under 19lbs (11th percentile)

Height:  31 inches (95th percentile)

Head:  45.5 cm (45th percentile)

So, although he trumps his sister in the weight department both are shaping up to be TALL.

Sydney is also doing well.  She had soo much fun at Christmas and, really GOT it.  She still asks me occasionally about Santa.  She will show me her Leapster or something and say, “mommy, Santa got me this?” LOL  Her little personality is really starting to come through and, I cannot wait to see the young lady she will become.  She has quite and independent spirit and, a WHOLE LOT of sass!!  We pre-registered her for JK last week and, she is sooooo excited to start school.  I on the other hand, am having a much more bittersweet reaction to it all.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I cannot WAIT for her to start school and, move into the next chapter of her life but, at the same time, it really drives home the fact that my little baby is growing up.  I attempted to talk her out of it the day before registration and, she sweetly slammed that door shut! HA  Our conversation went a little like this:

Me:  You know, junior kindergarten isn’t mandatory so, if you REALLY wanted to, you could stay home with Noah and I and NOT go to school.

Sydney:  Mommy, (patting me on the knee), I’m a big girl now and, I HAVE to go to school.  You and Noah be ok.

::::::::::::: sob ::::::::::::::::

I don’t think she will be the crying kind so, it will probably break my heart all over again that first day when she waves to us and runs off without shedding even one tear but, I guess I shouldn’t complain because having to leave a screaming, crying child would probably be too much for me to handle.  But, we shall see what happens..if I have learned nothing else from having a fickle toddler is you just NEVER know how they will react till the time comes.

Well, I would love to post more but, I am EXHAUSTED and, feeling the twinges of a headache coming on so, I am off to take some meds and, relax with a nice warm blanket.



  1. Oh Suzie good to hear from you agan. Whenever you talk about Syd she sounds so much like Vanessa- definitely the non- crying independant type. My boys are much more in need of me (for now anyway) I’m sure Noah will be the same. Glad to hear you guys had a nice holiday time. Vanessa got a Leapster from Santa as well. Hope Noah is recovering from his bug.

  2. Thanks Lor! It does sound like Vanessa and Syd are very similar. It CAN be trying but, I really do love it and, think that it will serve them well as they get older!

    I am hoping to get some time tonight once the kids are settled to do a good blog round since it has been a while (damn Facebook is sooo much easier! LOL)

  3. I loved the update but would also love some new pictures. We miss you all……

  4. We miss you guys tooo!!! Pictures should be up tonight or tomorrow! 🙂

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