Posted by: mommyq | February 1, 2009

Singing and Climbing

That is what’s new in our house this week! LOL  I don’t know if I posted about it but, Sydney is OBSESSED with the movie Annie.  We PVRed it one day and, she watches it constantly now…I guess we have to buy her the DVD for her birthday.  Well, her new favorite thing is to sing Tomorrow.  She sings it any time, any where…the car, the grocery store, standing on a cube..etc. etc. etc.   So, I finally was able to get it on tape:

She is just toooo funny!

And, in other exciting news, Noah has learned how to climb up the stairs……FAST.  I had the kids downstairs with me while I was doing laundry and, since I was carrying a basket up, I decided to let Noah try for himself and, could not believe how QUICK he was.  The taped version was a bit slower than the original zip up the stairs but, you get the point:

Usually he gets to the top and closes the gate but, on this take, he tried but, I think he sat to close to the edge of the steps to get the job done! 🙂



  1. She’s a natural. Canadian Idol look out!!!

  2. Oh Suzie they are both getting so old…LOVE Sydneys singing. I used to know that movie word for word as a kid and I forgot all about it. I will have to get it out from my kids.

  3. How adorable!!!

    I loved that movie as a kid.

    Wonder what my kids would think of it…

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