Posted by: mommyq | March 8, 2009

Dance Recital!

So, I know I have not blogged in a while but, Sydney had her dance recital today so, I figured I would share some pics videos.

But, before I start with that, an update on Noah, who will be ONE in a few days. 😦  He is almost walking.  He talks 4 or 5 steps now before dropping on his bum.  So, I anticipate he will be full on running in NO TIME.  He also FINALLY popped some more teeth.  He got his two bottom ones about six months I think and, just last week, he got TWO more.  Yes, the two top teeth (which are like saucers) both came in at the same time.  We have his one year apointment on Thursday so, I will be sure to update again with his stats.

Now, on to the dance recital:

Her dance class is a combo ballet, hip hop, tap so, they did a number for each.

The ballet portion was Sleeping Animals (3rd from the right):

She had a little stage fright for this song so, didn’t do MUCH dancing but, once she heard the applause, she was hooked and wanted to go back on stage! HA

Then, they did a tap number to Lucky Star with all the kids..not just her class. She is the one to the right of the tallest/biggest kid in the front row.

And the last number was a tap/hip hop combo of How much is that doggy in the window? and Who let the dogs out? This was by far the best/funniest of them all.

and finally, as if that wasn’t whoring enough..there are pictures up on facebook:

We had such a great time and, Patrick even won a door prize….$50 towards the summer session at the dance studio.



  1. Ahhhhh WOW how cute is that. I love to see kids dance. I started dancing at a young age and i cant wait to have kids. I also love that she is going to be a well round dancer. exposing her to all dance styles is great. keep up the great parenting

  2. Oh wow look at Noah go. Little man on the move…and Syd’s dance recital is so sweet. Vanessa is loving her dance class too…I’m loving this age that they are at.

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