Posted by: mommyq | March 21, 2009

Mostly about me this time…

As you all know, I have usually blogged about the kids, or pregnancy or something along those lines but, today is MOSTLY about me (mostly because I cannot blog and not give some kiddo updates..that is SOOOO not my style) because today is a bit of a big moment in my life. Yesterday, I officially quit my job and, became a SAHM (stay at home mom) which, isn’t a HUGE change for me since I have been home with the kids for over a year and, only returned to work for a week before quitting. The week was rough and, a HUGE adjustment for all of us. I missed my kids, they missed me, Patrick missed home cooked meals….LOL

I am not sure EXACTLY what the future holds but, for now, I am going to get caught up on my laundry and housework, play with my kids and enjoy every minute of them. One of the other “tasks” I will be taking on is getting a bit more involved in our business. As you all know, Patrick is a first aid/CPR instructor/medic/etc. etc. etc and, has provided his services now for the past 6 years. Over those years, he has been adding to his repetoire so, we have finally gotten it all together, registered a website and, the company should have a web presence listing all of our products and services in the very near future:
Code 4 Emergency Medical Training Services offers a variety of medical training in addition to First Aid and CPR as well as event medical coverage, stretcher maintenance, workplace safety inspections, sale of first aid/CPR and AED products.  I am also excited to start working on my third “baby” which is a First Aid/CPR Workshop which will focus on child and infants and, be geared towards parents who do not necessarily need to be “certified” (which is two days and about $100) but, want to be prepared in case of emergency.  The workshop will be about 2 hours, cost about $20, and will cover Child/Infant CPR, choking, wounds and bleeding and various other child/infant related injuries.  So far, based on conversations that I have had, there seems to be a really positive response to the idea so, over the next few months I will be working with Patrick to firm up the workshop time-line, run a few focus group workshops, etc.  So, it promises to be a very busy summer.

While I am busy with that, Patrick is focused on expanding our corporate client base so that he can be teaching more during the week and freeing up our family time on the weekends.  He has been in talks with some security companies, school boards, nursing homes, property management, etc. etc.

Now that we have our “plan” a bit more organized, I am really excited for the next few years and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

In the interim while we work to get our website up and running, if anyone reading this is interested in more information about any of the things I mentioned, feel free to contact me/us and, I would be more than happy to send out a price list/course offering. (was that a plug? LOL)

Now, on to the reason most of you come….LOL….the CHILDREN:

Noah had his 1 year doctor check up and, did great.  He was a trooper through his shots (with minimal crying) and, was amazing the doctor with his antics/personality.  He weighed in at 7.3KG (20 1/2lbs) and, was given the green light to switch from formula to milk (which he LOVES).  He met and exceeded all of his milestones and, is now also good to be forward facing in the car (which I have to admit I already had done a few weeks before his appointment).  He also FINALLY got his two top front teeth (cannot remember if I already mentioned it) so, he has 4 in total which is such a change from Sydney who at this age had all her teeth and was working on her 1 year molars.  So, I am thinking the toothy grin will be around for a while!

Sydney is also doing well.  She is SUPER excited to start school and, REALLY happy to have me home (again).  I think the last week was probably hardest on her.  In preperation for school, I think I might get started on a bit more structure for her so that she is well prepared.  I would welcome any feedback from other moms on what they did (especially with the oldest) and what works/doesn’t work.

Well, that is all the time I have for now since my laundry load is done so, I want to get the next one in because before I know it, Noah will be up from his nap.  I do have more to blog about (aka the Birthday Party) but, I have yet to download any of the pictures from my camera so, that will have to wait!



  1. I really enjoyed today’s blog. It helped us understand a little more of Patrick’s business plans and made for good reading. You know that you have all of our support and we’ll do what we can to help you make it work. (like maybe some babysitting)
    Love you all……

  2. Congrats on your new adventure!! Sounds very exciting

  3. Congrats Sue and good luck on with your new plans…sounds very exciting!

  4. Thanks ladies! Hopefully, (fingers crossed) all goes according to plan (or at least along the lines of the plan! HA)!!

  5. Welcome to the (Slightly Chaotic) World of SAHMs!!

    The new business venture sounds great exciting!

  6. Thanks Adie! I think I am going to enjoy it!

  7. How exciting! Good luck on your new venture, Sue!

  8. Thanks Dana!

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