Posted by: mommyq | April 13, 2009

Never enough time in the day!!!

But, I think between Twitter and Facebook, I am pretty good at keeping people connected to what is going on in our house! LMAO

Just wanted to post and say I haven’t FORGOTTEN about my blog just, finding the time to sit still for 10-15 minutes and get it all together is TOUGH!

And, it will probably get tougher still as today, Sydney and I started her 26 week preparatory curriculum. She already knows her letters, numbers, shapes, colors etc. but, I figured it couldn’t hurt to go through the course with her as, it gives us a nice thing to do together every day. I have been finding lately she has been purposefully acting out….nothing TOO horrible but, little things like, if I say, “Sydney, if you squirt your brother in the face with that water one more time, you are done with the bath and it will be straight to bed for you!” She will look RIGHT at me and squirt him in the face with water! LOL I am sure that most of it is the age but, I decided anyway to make a concious effort to ensure she gets her fair share of ME time without Noah.

So, that is all the time I have for now but, I will be back soon with Easter pictures (which if you get tired of waiting for me to blog, you can always access on the sidebar via Flickr).



  1. Oh sounds like Syd’s going through the same thing as Vanessa right now…if we ask her to stop bad behaviour her initial reaction is to say no then if we try to remove her from the situation she resists…so stubborn but fortunately doesn’t happen too often.
    It’s a good thing they are so cute eh? lol!

  2. It is soooo bad. Hopefully it is a SHORT phase that they are going through! LMAO

    I think children are made cute so parents don’t eat their young. LMAO

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