Posted by: mommyq | July 16, 2009

All kinds of stats….

Both the kids had a doctor’s appointment today for their respective well checks and, it just so happened to be needle day for both of them!!!

Our appointment was at 12:30 but, we arrived at noon which usually serves us well in getting us IN and OUT but, not so much today.  We went into the Baby Room right away and, both the kids were weighed and measured but, we then had to sit in the room for an hour and a half before seeing the doctor.  All I have to say is…thank goodness for tongue depressors! LOL

On to the stats:

Noah’s appointment was a late 15 month appointment:

Weight:  26 lbs (55th percentile)

Height: 2 feet, 8 inches (72nd percentile)

He was such a good boy and, had us all laughing.  When our doc walked in, he gave her the once over and, then flashed his patented Noah smile…complete with twinkle eyes.  Then, he layed perfectly still while she poked, prodded and listened just watching her every move.  When she took the stethoscope off of his chest, he grabbed it and put it back on! HA  She was happy with everything but, did note that every time she has checked him, his testicles have been up in the canal.  She isn’t too concerned since she is able to feel them/find them and, move them into place but, she still noted it for future follow up if necessary.

Sydney had her 4 year check up:

Weight:  30lbs (which shocked me) and she moved up from her usual 5th percentile to the 10th percentile

Height:  3 feet, 3 inches (32nd percentile)

Once the checks were all done, the doc went off to prep the shots.  I had told Sydney about the needles in the morning on the way to swimming class and, she told me she was going to be brave for Noah! LMAO   However, she had prepped for her needle (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis) to be in her thigh so, was a bit taken a back when she was told it was going in her arm.  But, she quickly got past that and, didn’t even cry…except she did say OUCH when I kissed it better! LMAO  Noah on the other hand was VERY distraught over his needles (Pneumococcal and Varicella – chickenpox).  However, distraught quickly turned to hapiness when he got his sucker! LOL

I gave both kids some Tempra before their needles and, again just before bed but, they had no problems at all.  Sydney is all done till Grade 7 but, poor Noah will be back in a few months for his follow up MMR, D-Tap and HIB.  That should be fun since todays visit could still be fresh in his memory by then.

Other than that, things have been good..just SUPER busy.  Sydney has swim classes this week and, over the summer, our rec centre runs the classes 5 days straight instead of 1 day per week for 5 weeks so, we have been out of the house by 9am every morning.  Tomorrow is her final class and, I have to say, I am amazed at how much she has learned in just a week!  She can now swim front and back unassisted and, with her head completely submerged for the forward swim.   The course she is completing now is Sunfish and, we will probably do the Whale course towards the end of the summer which, should have her in a good place to start her levels when she turns five.  I think with the prep, she should be able to enter into her levels at 2 or 3 which will give her a nice start.

I was hoping to start Noah as well this summer but, they don’t have the Sunfish or Whale at the same time as the parented classes for babies so, I couldn’t logistically do it without having Sydney out of the water watching and waiting for us which, I wouldn’t be comfortable with.  So, I might get him registered for the fall when they return to 1 day per week for 5 weeks which would make it easier to have Patrick schedule around it so he can stay home with Sydney.  Or, schedule it for a day when Sydney is in school and, we can go after we drop her off.

Well, I am beat and, ready to head to bed!



  1. Hey Suzie! Wow Noah and Troy are only 1 lb apart…Troy is 27 lbs…little guy and Noah’s a big guy. Sounds like Sydney is doing well at swimming. Vanessa is doing Sunfish as well but has to pass Crocodile before doing Whale…not sure if it’s different at our pool… Sounds like a busy but fun summer you are having- great update!

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