Posted by: mommyq | June 11, 2008

Busy Day!

It is only 5pm but, I am EXHAUSTED!!!  Noah had an a-typical night last night and, woke up every hour and  a half and needed to be lulled back to sleep so, I am BEAT!  Then, we were up for the day as of 6am.  I sent Pat to get coffee and he took BOTH of the kids so, I had 30 minutes to myself! LOL  We had a bunch of stuff planned for the day so, we were out of the house for 10am.  We hit Toys R Us (which ALWAYS turns into a LONG shopping event), a dance attire store to get Sydney decked out for her dance class starting this month.  I am SOOOO excited….she starts ballet on the 24th so, I had to get her a leotard and some cute dance slippers.  I would post a pic but, I left my camera behind at my mom’s this weekend and, won’t be getting it back till I see her on Friday.  I am JONESING to take pictures.  Syd was such a big girl at the dance store and had soo much fun trying on a bunch of leotards before we found the right one.  She was soo happy to have her purchase she carried the bag herself and, wouldn’t let go of the handle the entire time we were in the car.  After the dance place, we decided to have a nice sit down lunch before heading for a haircut for Sydney and, finally ending up at the Real Canadian Superstore for pictures and grocery shopping!

The pictures turned out GREAT and I cannot wait to pick them up!  We got 2 great shots with Sydney and Noah, a shot of just Noah and, an attempt to re-create a picture we took with Sydney and daddy at 1 month that we love.  The hardest part of the whole thing was reining myself in and not wanting each and every shot! HA

I started this at 5pm but, it is now 8:30 and, Noah is down for the count, Sydney is walking to get the mail with daddy (who just finished cutting the grass) and, I am decompressing and enjoying some alone time.

Two more days till I get my camera back (which is FILLED with pictures) so, I can organized and post some.

edited to add:

OMG, I almost forgot about the FUNNIEST part of our day!!  So, during lunch, Noah takes a MASSIVE poop.  Well, the restaurant we were at didn’t have a change table in the bathroom so, I thought…ok…we shall wait till we get to the hair place and they should hopefully have a place for me to change him..  It was right accross the street so, we didn’t have to put up with the smell for too long.  Well, they didn’t have a change table EITHER but, the lady layed out a towel on the counter of one of the cutting stations at the back that was out of the way and not being used.  Well, she goes back up to finish working on her client and, it is at this point I realize I FORGOT TO PACK THE WIPES!!!  (No pun intended but, OHHHHH CRAP!)  Pat is busy keeping Syd looking in one direction so, she doesn’t end up with an uneven cut so, he is of no help to me so, I grab Noah and go into the bathroom hoping to find something..they don’t have much but, I did grab a roll of toilet paper and went back to my “station” hoping for the best.  I start wiping and, of course, TP is SOOO not good for baby wiping so, I am having a hard time getting the pooh off and, I am getting TP balls all over his little butt!!! LMAO  I cannot leave the kid to go and wet the TP because he will roll off the ledge so, as I am wondering what to do, I spot the spray bottle…you know…the spray bottle that all hairdressers have that has plain old water in it so they can spray you down to cut your hair if they aren’t washing it?  Well, I grab that spray bottle and, quickly shoot off two rounds onto his butt and, try and control my laughter at the SHOCKED look on my sons face.  All the while, I am trying to do this discreetly because I don’t want one of the hairdressers noticing that not only have I stollen a whole roll of TP from the bathroom but, that I am also using their spray bottles to mist my sons stinky poopy ass in hopes that it will help the TP do a better job!  Pat FINALLY is able to leave Sydney and come to me and, so, I had him hold Noah’s legs apart and semi block the view to the front so, I could give Noah a GOOOD spritzing.  At this point, it is taking every ounce of self control I have to NOT bust a gut because still with every spritz, my son makes this face like, “WTF was THAT?”  Well, at the end of the day, the spritz and TP did an alright job and, the disaster was averted.  Once i was done, I dumped that stinky diaper in the garbage (there was WAY too much TP and shit in it that to tuck it up, put it in the diaper bag and dispose of later), returned the HALF USED roll of TP to teh bathroom and, made a BEEE line for the door.  The second we got into the car, I let it alll out and laughed for a good 30 minutes! 🙂



  1. OMG Suzie I’m LMAO right now. I could totally picture you trying to wipe up with TP. What a mess but very creative use of the water spritzer. LOL!!
    Can’t wait to see the pictures of Sydney in her dance outfit and the pictures from the RCSS. Vanessa is getting her 3 year old pictures taken on her b-day (the 24th).

  2. OMG Sue that is too funny!!!! LMAO!
    I can just see you trying not to laugh!!! 😉

    Can’t wait to see the pics of little Syd in her ballet outfit!!!

  3. Oh guys, it was seriously one of the funniest things EVER! Just thinking about it has me in STITCHES and, I was laughing so hard last night typing up the story.

  4. Now THAT’S funny! I’d LOVE to have seen Noah’s face when you were spritzing his little bum!!!

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